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Airfiniti Architecture

Due to its self-supporting structure, the elevator is capable of freestanding on any level ground surface. two to five stops for residential, marine, and stage applications. Installation within one to two days

Airfiniti Performance

The revolutionary technology of the vacuum elevator has changed the way people and goods are being transported vertically within their homes, and furthermore, has done so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by one of the most abundant resources in the world: AIR

Airfiniti Experience

In case of a power failure the moving car automatically descends to the lowest level and the electro-mechanical door will open to let the passenger out.

Vacuum elevator PVE30

Exterior diameter: 750 mm

Single passenger (159 kg)

Vacuum elevator PVE37

Exterior diameter: 933 mm

Two passengers (205 kg)

Vacuum elevator PVE52

Exterior diameter:1316 mm

Three passengers / Wheelchair accessible (238 kg)

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